The XGDF ASSOCIATION of NY officially kicked off its 30th anniversary observations with a Church Service at XGDF Chaplain Rev’d Calvin Clarke’s church, Canarsie Community Reformed Church in Brooklyn on Sunday 19th June 2016. 
The 2:00 pm service was sparsely attended by members, but nevertheless Rev’d Clarke ably conducted the Congregation in an appropriate observance of the solemnity of the day. In his homily, the Chaplain stressed the need for renewal of ideas by encouraging new blood, a sentiment echoed by XGDF president Lennox Pyle who in his address pledged to actively recruit a minimum target of new members by our next anniversary. The highlight of the service was the hand-over of the symbolic instrument of the presidency, the gavel, by the Immediate Past President Ms. Cheryl Tappin to the new President Mr. Lennox Pyle. This was followed by a swearing in ceremony, where each of the new executive pledged to faithfully serve the Association during their term of office.
Following the Church Service on Sunday members assembled at the XGDF hall on Rockaway Blvd. for refreshments and the introduction by Member Hartley Liverpool of his recently published book about his life in the Guyana Military. Those present were afforded the opportunity to have purchased copies autographed by the writer. 
On the evening of Friday 24th June, members once again assembled at the XGDF hall, this time for a cocktail reception hosted by the XGDF Association for members, representatives from other Guyanese organizations, and special invitees including New York State Assembly-woman Michelle Titus. 
Perhaps the best attended of the week’s planned events, this occasion saw the presentation of a proclamation by Assembly-woman Titus; induction ofseveral new life members; declaration of new honorary members; and the highlight of the evening, the unveiling and dedication of the recently renovated main hall of the XGDF Rockaway Blvd. premises as the Bernard (Wally) Griffith Hall. The special relationship between the Griffith family and the XGDF was further cemented by the robust presence of several generations of the late Bernard Griffith’s family including his sisters, his children and his grandchildren. Bernard’s widow, Member Ingrid Griffith did the honors of unveiling the plaque memorializing her late husband.
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