Saturday 1st April turned out to be quite the community affair when XGDF of NY hosted its annual Breakfast Morning at the Wally Griffith Hall on Rockaway Blvd in Queens.

Firstly, there was the content of the breakfast itself; Pepperpot, Saltfish & Bake, Smoked Herring, Fried Cassava, Fried Yellow Plantain, etc, etc, washed down with Mauby and other familiar drinks.

Then there was Jeggae, providing live calypso music; background at first, but then more and more insistent, intended to ward off the sleepy excesses of the aforementioned meal by inducing the hip shaking body swaying responses to the drum that is as ancient as Africa itself.

Lastly, XGDF used this occasion to once again involve our immediate neighbors in South Ozone Park by inviting the young Guyanese candidate now engaged in campaigning for a seat on the City Council, Mr. Richard David, to attend and address the gathering. This visit was facilitated by XGDF member Patrick Stephens who made the introduction of the special guest. Mr. Richard David in his speech stressed the importance of having a largely immigrant community represented at all levels of government, by persons of its own choosing.  To register its concern for and empathy with the victims of a devastating fire on Liberty Ave in March, the President of the XGDF of NY used this occasion to present a cheque for $500 to a young community activist Ms. Faudia Baijnauth, who was part of the candidate’s delegation. Everyone expressed the hope that the victims, especially the young children involved, would soon recover from this tragedy and move on to a secure and comfortable life.


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