Lt. Col. (Ret’d) Compton Hartley Liverpool, the “Hero of New River” has published a book   “Foundation of the Guyana Defence Force-A Soldier of Valour Story”  recounting his life as a soldier first in the British Guiana Volunteer Force, then in the Guyana Defence Force.   Unlike other books about the GDF, this work gives full recognition to the efforts of ordinary soldiers who contributed so much to the successful defense of Guyana’s territory since Independence.   The book was formally launched in Guyana during the country’s 50th Anniversary Jubilee celebrations, with President David A Granger and other prominent persons in attendance at a ceremony hosted by the GDF at Camp Ayanganna, Georgetown.  Unfortunately Col Liverpool could not attend due to illness, though he was ably represented by his co-author Ms. Khalilah Megan Campbell, and was able to address the assembly in Georgetown via speakerphone.   Col. Liverpool plans to introduce his book to the North American community during the commencement exercises of the XGDF Association of NY’s 30th Anniversary Celebration on Sunday 19th June 2016.   The book is now available for sale on

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